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postural balancing technique

Postural balancing technique


Postural Balancing Technique   is an innovative equine bodywork technique developed by Kyla Awes, DC.  This technique was developed after over a decade of practice using the basic Diversified type of manual chiropractic adjustments to treat her equine patients and realizing that they were simply not effective enough.  Not only was the Diversified Technique limited in addressing the wide variety of types and direction of restrictions but it also did not address the elephant in the room - the amount of baseline anxiety and tension that most horses are operating with on a daily basis.  Postural Balancing Technique is an approach to evaluation and treatment that we have found to be very effective in not only treating musculoskeletal issues but it is also effective in addressing the mind-body connection in order to promote balance, optimize health and improve performance in our equine patients.



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Do you ever feel like you are "hitting a brick wall" when adjusting or do you question how effective you are in identifying and/or correcting chiropractic subluxation complexes?  Or maybe you are interested in learning new techniques that you can incorporate into your practice in order to be more effective?  If so, our seminars might be just what you are looking for.

If you have ever ridden a horse it become clearly evident that it is much more effective to work "with" the horse as opposed to “against” the horse.  Chiropractic care and other forms of bodywork is no different and working “with” the animal as opposed to simply working "on" the animal is not only easier, but it’s also more effective.  For who is better at knowing what the body needs than the horse itself?  It doesn't matter if you have the strength of a football player, the horse is still stronger and if adjustments are forced the animal is much more likely tense up and to take the treatment in as trauma.  We will help you to refine your feel and timing in order to be optimally effective in your treatment.

This technique is designed to promote physical and emotional balance by decreasing tension, both mental and physical.  This in turn facilitates optimal performance and promotes long-term mental resiliency and physical soundness  in the equine athlete.  We believe that there is a strong mind-body connection and that only addressing the physical aspect of health is simply not enough.  Horses live in an environment that is a far cry from what they were designed for.  Even though domestic horses have been able to adapt to some degree there is still a great deal of not only physical but also mental and emotional stressors that they encounter in everyday life.  Our technique addresses the physical, mental as well as emotional imbalances that may be affecting a horse's health and performance.


Please email us at if you are interested in attending one of our seminars.

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