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may 20th-21st, 2023

Location: Suffolk, Virginia

Postural Balancing Technique 1 

Introduction to Postural Balancing Technique, Assessment & Basic Treatment Protocol

The purpose of this course is to introduce the practitioner to the concepts of Postural Balancing Technique, including assessment and the basic treatment protocol.  This seminar will focus on identifying and addressing the physical, emotional and mental aspects of brace and tension in the horse in order to help bring the body back to a more balanced state.  Helping to balance the body through improved homeostasis facilitates optimal performance as well as promotes long-term mental and physical soundness in the equine athlete.  In this seminar you will learn techniques to address joint restrictions, muscle tension as well as strategies to address mental and emotional bracing. This technique has shown to be extremely effective and can be used as a stand alone technique or can be easily integrated with other techniques to improve the effectiveness of your treatment.

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Horses live in environments and are asked to perform tasks that are a far cry from what they were designed for.  Even though domestic horses have been able to adapt in a lot of ways there is still a great deal of not only physical but also mental and emotional stressors that they encounter in everyday life. We believe that there is a strong mind-body connection and that only addressing the physical aspects of health is simply not enough.  We also feel that chiropractic care and bodywork should be done from a perspective that considers the individual and that the work should not be forced on an animal that is in distress.  We will teach you strategies to help you more effectively identify and navigate the feedback that your patient is giving you in order to maximize treatment outcomes as well as facilitate a more positive experience for both you and the animal.  

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This course was designed for veterinarians and chiropractors that have already completed the coursework to provide chiropractic care for horses.  Students are required to submit their license number as well as proof of approved Animal Chiropractic course completion.  This seminar will be taught by Dr. Kyla Awes (DC) and Dr. Cathy Lombardi (DVM). 

This seminar is pending approval by AVCA (American Veterinary Chiropractic Association) and the IVCA (International Veterinary Chiropractic Association) for 20 CEUs and includes both online and in person coursework. The cost for this seminar is $795 and space is extremely limited so register today!


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